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Laravel Livewire Alpine

What's it for?

A web app allowing users to set up an event and invite people to join it. Great for organising anything from birthdays to conferences. Invitations to an event can be sent out via email or SMS. Once the invitation is accepted, the new user is added to the event and can view/participate in its planning.

Notable features include:

Why did I build it?

With the ongoing exodus from Facebook, particularly amongst my peers, I saw a need for a service that offers similar functionality to that of Facebook events.

It's essential that the ability to invite someone to an event you're creating is not limited to a particular platform, e.g. Facebook. Therefore, Attendd uses means of invitation which are ubiquitous: email and SMS. After the invitation is sent, however, it is very useful to have a central location in which all the details and information about the event can be shared amongst everyone, without having to send multiple messages to each individual attendee.