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September 11, 2020

A currency exchange rate tracker using a Raspberry Pi

This article will cover: Installing InfluxDB on the Pi Writing a simple python script to fetch the exchange rate data from an API and write it to a database Installing Grafana on the Pi...


February 20, 2020

My Love For Org Mode

It is a mode used with the free text editor Emacs. Essentially it allows you to 'organise' your document and give it structure. This is done using headings, subheadings, lists etc. They are all...


February 5, 2020

Registering an ENS Domain

Get yourself at least $5 of ETH (the currency used by Ethereum) Visit in a Web3 compatible browser (e.g. Brave) Sign into your Brave wallet via the prompt pop-up, and...


January 29, 2020

Data Privacy Day - My Setup

Yesterday, January 28th, was Data Privacy Day. In light of this, I will share some recommendations for tools and software which can help regain some privacy and improve online security. It's...


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