October 28, 2020

A time-block planner template for Roam

Time-block planning is the process of dividing up your day into blocks of time, and then allocating particular tasks to those blocks of time. It's not a new concept, but it has been recently...


September 11, 2020

A currency exchange rate tracker using a Raspberry Pi

This article will cover: Installing InfluxDB on the Pi Writing a simple python script to fetch the exchange rate data from an API and write it to a database Installing Grafana on the Pi...


July 24, 2020

Oura Ring review

The oura ring was one of the lesser-known health trackers up until the COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, it has received a fair amount of attention because of claims that it might provide an early...


March 15, 2020

Predictive processing and a worm in my egg

The human brain is a prediction machine. It receives input from our various senses and matches that input against its own predictions. The predictions are constantly being adjusted and refined...


February 20, 2020

My Love For Org Mode

It is a mode used with the free text editor Emacs. Essentially it allows you to 'organise' your document and give it structure. This is done using headings, subheadings, lists etc. They are all...


February 5, 2020

Registering an ENS Domain

Get yourself at least $5 of ETH (the currency used by Ethereum) Visit in a Web3 compatible browser (e.g. Brave) Sign into your Brave wallet via the prompt pop-up, and...